Capturing stories at home and abroad, freezing to hot, crypt to hospital, gun range to kitchen, junkyard to shops of artists and craftsmen has been my home for over 15 years. From these projects I've discovered that under every surface is a story. Pushing mediums to inspire the best quality in picture and story is what I work hard to deliver. My experience has allowed me to navigate the filming process in over 25 countries, work with teams large and small, be an asset to the director and maintain the vision of the project from start to finish.

CAMERA TECHNIQUE: Combining technical knowledge with composition, I work to exceed expectations and match the look, feel and pace of the subject matter. No project is the same and creating new and original looks is among the best aspects of the job. My upbringing in this industry taught me to tell a story through the lens naturally, on the move without disruption.

DIRECTION and TEAMWORK: I offer experience directing camera and talent for a natural feel with quality coverage. I give close attention and guidance to story as it unfolds coherently for the viewer . Professionalism, respect and organization is what I expect and demonstrate, by example, for my team. I work hard alongside crew to create a safe, efficient and enjoyable work experience.

SPECIALTY EQUIPMENT: Using the best available equipment, my time lapse photography and specialty shots provide beautiful transitions both in nature and building sequences. I also have experience running and directing high speed camera. I own a selection of specialty equipment curated over years to provide great visuals to aid any production.

LIGHTING: My lighting experience ranges from stylized and natural interviews to lighting interior and exterior environments, vehicles and sets. I have also worked with available-light-only, setting cameras and finding angles that deliver the best natural look possible.



“The ___ ____ of WWII"

AMPLE Entertainment

This wild and epic international adventure is currently in edit and will air 04/19.


“Working Title"

Limey Productions

A feature documentary exploring the trials, progress and those left behind as the island country of Sri Lanka evolves and recovers from recent natural disasters and civil war. Expected release in late 2019.


“The Great Food Truck Race"

Food Network

Season 9 of The Great Food Truck Race follows six teams, competing and cooking signature dishes in cities and towns across the American Midwest. Each week, the teams that sell the most food race on to the next episode; the losing team drives home. In the end, one food truck remains, and the team behind the wheel wins the $50,000 grand prize.

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY   (select credits)

“Cooper’s Treasure”

Discovery Channel

Documentary series follows treasure hunter Darrell Miklos as he deciphers and pursues locations on a map left to him by friend and NASA space pioneer Gordon Cooper. Cameras follow over land and under the sea.


“American Chopper”

Discovery Channel

Best known as “Orange County Choppers”, our team followed the family, friendship and chaos surrounding the creation of each motorcycle.  Three cameras, shop lit for camera. Heavy beauty and action shots.

“Hacking The Wild”

Science Channel

A small team documents one man surviving in extreme elements. Desert, jungle, swamp and glacier. Two camera coverage. Heavy scenics. Time lapses. Drone and stylized transitions. Shot with available light.

“Sons of Guns”

Discovery Channel

Documents a custom gun shop in Baton Rouge. Managed a 4-camera team. High speed and specialty cameras for large pyrotechnics. Polished studio interviews. Shop completely lit for camera. Served as company range-master/safety officer.

"Building Off The Grid"

DIY Network

Stand alone one-hour episodes from Maine to Alaska. Follows family and friends building cabins from the ground up in a remote locations. Follow doc style with polished exterior interviews. Heavy timelapse progress and drone shots.

“My Deadly Appetite”

Discovery Channel

A raw  2hr documentary following a boy with Prader-Willi syndrome, a disease where one will consume uncontrollably until death. One of the most emotional projects I've been a part of.

“Wild Transport”


A wild animal transportation company wrangles and transports anything with venom or giant claws. Some cuddly things too. Custom in-car camera builds. Run and gun. No one died.

“United Tastes of America”

Cooking Channel

Chef, restaurant owner and author Jeffrey Saad hosts amazing chefs in kitchens across the States. Fast lighting setups in small spaces. Single camera. Beauty shots.

“Ghost Hunters International”


Documents a paranormal investigation team exploring over 25 countries. Fully lit setup scenes and interviews. Standard and infrared camera and lighting. Large exterior structure lighting.

“The Treehouse Guys”

DIY Network

Served as 2nd unit DP/operator following a band of amazing carpenters building treehouses nationwide. Two and three camera coverage. Progress time lapses and polished exterior interviews.

“Desert Car Kings”

Discovery Channel

Follows classic car restoration inside the biggest scrapyard in America to the auction block. Shop lit for camera. Full package exterior interview setups.

“Our Little Life”


“American Hoggers”


“Speakeasy Motors”

Discovery Channel

“Medium At Large”



Development Project

“Reptile Raiders”

Development Project

“Fast Track”

Development Project


Development Project

“Tiny House Big Living”

DIY Network

“Lost Cabin Hunters”

Development Project

“Tiny House Paradise”

DIY Network

“Tour De France: Team Discovery”

Discovery Channel



CAMERA OPERATOR   (select credits)

“The Dead Can't Be Distracted”

Film by Director Mike Pecci

“Ghost Hunters”


“Ghost Hunters International”


“Sons of Guns”

Discovery Channel

“American Chopper”

Discovery Channel

“Golden Sisters”


“The Great Food Truck Race”

Food Network

“The Treehouse Guys”

DIY Network


Canon C300 Package

C300 MKI

Matte Box & French Flag

B-Roll Filter Package

Run and Gun Kit

Tripod with Fluid Head

Zeiss Prime and Canon Zoom

Shotgun Mic

OLED Electronic Viewfinder

Zeiss ZF.2 CineMod Primes

(Nikon, Canon & Sony)

21, 28, 35, 50, 85mm

Follow Focus (15mm)


DSLR & Action Cam

Sony A7R II

Nikon D850

Nikon D800

GoPro Hero 4 Black

GoPro Hero 5 Black

Timelapse & Slider

24” and 42” Rail Systems

Motorized and Manual Operation

2nd Camera Interview Operation

Tripod with Fluid Head

Arri Fresnel


300w (2)

150w (2)

Chimera Soft Box


Apeture 1x1 Panel (2)

LitePanels Mini On Board Kit (2)

Diffuser Soft Boxes (2)

Kino Flo Interview Kit

2’ Four Bank Lamp

2’ Double Lamp (2)

2’ Single Lamp


3-Axis Camera Gimbal/Stabilizer

Field Monitor

ND and Graduated ND Kit

Specialty Filters

Grip and Mounting Solutions


Ninja Stars

Zoom Lens

14-24mm Nikon

24-70mm Nikon

80-200mm Nikon, Canon, Sony

80-400mm Nikon, Canon, Sony

24-105mm Canon, Sony

28-300mm Canon, Sony

Light Control

12-36” Hand-held Reflectors

3x4 Hand-held Rigid Reflector

4x6 Frame (White, Silver)

6x6 Cine Kit (1/4, 1 1/4, White, Silver, Solid Black)

“Hustle in Brooklyn”