I’ve had good fortune to work and learn from many talented professionals in the film and television industry, capturing subjects at home and abroad. Freezing to hot. Crypt to hospital. Gun range to kitchen. Junkyard to shops of artists and craftsmen is where I’ve been at home for over a decade. Pushing mediums to inspire the best quality in picture is what I work hard to deliver.

Camera Technique

Combining technical knowledge with composition, I work to exceed expectations and match pace, look and feel of the subject matter. No project is the same and creating new and original looks is among the best aspects of the job.


Direction and Teamwork

Working closely with the director I offer experience with set direction and blocking for natural feel and quality coverage. With organization and safety in mind, I manage the camera department to produce quality and matching imagery. I work hard alongside crew to create an efficient, pleasant and enjoyable work experience.

Time Lapse and Specialty Camera

Using the best available equipment, my time lapse photography provides beautiful transitions both in nature and building sequences. I also have experience running and directing high speed camera.


My lighting experience ranges from stylized and natural interviews, to lighting interior and exterior environments, vehicles and sets. I have also worked available-light-only series, setting cameras and finding angles that deliver the best possible look.

New York City